Monday, March 19, 2007

What Happens on the Butcher Block?

When a butcher takes an animal to the butcher block and starts cutting away, it isn’t just a series of violent hacks at the animal in question. The butcher actually performs a very delicate procedure that is specifically designed to increase your enjoyment of the meat offered to you. A number of things are taken into consideration by the butcher when he slices the meat. The unpleasant parts are taken out and the best parts are placed together. Here are some of the things that a butcher considers when he goes to work at the butcher block.

The butcher mainly considers the quality of each individual piece of meat. All of the best pieces are separated out into the prime section, while the less tasty ones are put in a separate pile and end up being sold for slightly less. There are also things that he will try to avoid putting in. These include the things that make the meat taste less delicious, such as fat. There are some cuts of meat on which fat is acceptable to include, and enhances the flavor. Ultimately it is up to the knowledge of the butcher to decide which ones to include and which ones to leave out.

The butcher will also want to make the meat look aesthetically pleasing for his customers. If he just hacks away at it like a crazy person, it will probably end up tasting fine but looking absolutely disgusting when he is through with it. So, the butcher will make every effort to be as clean as possible when cutting the meat. When he provides it to his customers or to a grocery store, it will be much more likely to be purchased when it looks the way that people are used to seeing meat.

You can see that a butcher has a much more detailed job than just cutting pieces of meat into smaller pieces of meat. He has to consider many things that will improve the quality of the meat, as well as who all will purchase it. So the next time you see a butcher at work, think about all the trouble he goes through to bring nice-looking and delicious meat to your table. You will feel much more appreciative about the services that he offers.

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