Monday, March 19, 2007

How to Find a Butcher Block Table

If you are looking to start doing some butchering, you will need the right supplies to get the job done. Besides a knife set and a butcher block, you also need a table or workbench to place your butcher block on. These should be very sturdy and easily washable, unlike most wooden tables that you can find. You don’t have many options of places to buy butcher block tables, so you should make sure that you have looked in all of these places to find the one that will work for you. Here you will learn of some of the best places to look in your quest for a butcher block table.

Obviously, the table should be nice and stable. If a table is rocking all over the place while you are trying to section out some meat, it could not only make your work have a lower quality, but also endanger your own body. You have to have a stable work place, otherwise your ridiculously sharp knife will be flying all over the place, completely out of control. So try to get one that has adjustable feet on the legs, so that you can just do a quick adjustment to make up for an uneven floor.

You should also find a table that will be resistant to scractching from the knife, as well as blood from the meat that you handle. A wood table will soak up the blood and probably stain permanently, as well as sustain a lot of damage from being smacked with a knife repeatedly. The most popular material for a butcher block table is metal, although there have been many butchers recently who profess that a fiberglass table is the best thing to ever happen to them.

If you are looking for a place to buy your table, you should check at any local tool or home improvement stores for a nice work bench. You don’t need to buy a butcher block table that is specifically designed for it, as long as you find something that you think will work just as well. It depends on the setup that you will be working in, as well as what you would most prefer to work on while butchering.

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