Monday, March 19, 2007

The Equipment You Need to Butcher Professionally

If you keep livestock or hunt frequently, you probably often end up with large amounts of meat that need sorted out, prepared, and stored. It can get expensive to take this meat to a professional butcher every time, so you may want to start doing your own butchering. With the proper knowledge of the layout of the meat on whatever animal you are dealing with, you just need a few supplies. Besides a strong stomach, you can get these supplies fairly easily. So get a head start on your butchering career, and get yourself some nice supplies to work with when butchering animals.

The most important thing you need is a very strong set of knives. Butcher knife sets are sold by many different vendors, but you don’t want to buy just any butcher knife set you see. You want to buy knives that will last you for years, and cut all of your meat in a quick and clean way. So buy knives with the most comfortable handles that you can find, and the most high quality blades. By spending the extra money that it takes to get a really nice knife set, you will be able to sharpen your butcher knives to the point at which they are insanely sharp.

You also need a good workspace for when you are hacking up all of the meat that you are sure to handle. This includes a sturdy work bench and a butcher’s block that will sit on top of it. For both of these items, you want strong, scratch resistant surfaces that will not stain over the years. Usually it is good to stick with metal surfaces since they are easily cleaned. Butcher blocks are most commonly sold in wood models, and this it is the general consensus that these work the best. It ultimately depends on your own preferences.

Once you have these basic pieces of butcher equipment, you will be ready to handle any meat that comes your way. By spending a good amount of money and getting the nicest components possible, you can ensure that what you produce as a butcher will be top grade. So start looking for possible purchases today, and find the equipment that will work the best for you.

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