Monday, March 19, 2007

The Lifestyle of a Butcher

The work of a butcher is often regarded with disdain. Many people see it as a brutal slaughtering of animals, and constant hacking away at their organs. The work of a butcher involves much more than this, and their efforts allow you to enjoy delicious meals of the meat of your choice. So in this text, you will hopefully become more familiar with what exactly a butcher does, and become more appreciative of the services that are offered to you. Here is a general account of a day in the life of an average butcher.

First, an average butcher will wake up early on the morning, ready for a day at the butcher block. There will usually be some sort of daily shipment of meat that needs to be carved. First, the butcher sterilizes not only his hands, but the complete area. This will rid it of any bacteria or germs that could infect the meat. Then the butcher will bravely and gallantly sort all of the meat and prepare it to be cut. Once it is all sorted out according to what needs to be done with it, he will start on the most interesting part of the day: cutting.

Using his powerful arms and his sharp knife, the butcher will place the meat on the butcher block and hack at it for a while. His goals depend on the state that the meat is in. If it is still in the form of a complete animal, he will have to skin it and separate the delicious parts from the parts that will make you gag in disgust. This is usually the most brutal part of the process. He will have a large bin to place all of the undesirable pieces in, and then have them taken away.

Once he has all of the desirable meat extracted, he will be able to deal with just the delicious chunks of animal that everyone wants to eat. He will separate it into similar tasting sections, based on his knowledge of the animal. They will correspond to different sections, and be individually separated out by the brave and chivalrous butcher.

Once all of the meat has been prepared and is ready to put out, the butcher will open up shop. That is when regular people like you are able to see the fruits of his labor, and hopefully appreciate it more now.

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